The BigBasket Clone App ensures easy online grocery delivery


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BigBasket is a well-known grocery delivery platform that functions in both metro cities and tier-2 cities in India. The platform earned a whopping Rs 3822 crore as revenue in 2020.

With the Indian online grocery delivery market all set to rise to a humongous $18 billion by 2024, the BigBasket clone app is the right solution to dominate this fast-growing industry. It is a ready-made online grocery delivery app with well-functioning Android and iOS apps for the customers, delivery executives, partner stores, and a robust admin panel.

Users can shop for fruits, vegetables, kitchen products, essential home items, meat, fish, eggs, beverages, snacks, and beauty products on the platform.

As seen above, the BigBasket clone app is a viable alternative when compared to making physical visits to supermarkets and provision stores. Get the customized and feature-packed solution now and grow your business to new heights.


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